BejaGlobal, Program for the Economic Promotion of Beja


Tackled issues: To help solving barriers for internationalisation of SMEs business activities, to facilitate access to finance.
Main objectives: To consolidate a network of actors as platform for exchange and dissemination of experiences made in the context of implementation of new financial instruments to SMEs and policy development. The focus will be on the development and implementation of non-grant based financial support instruments, such as revolving funds, transregional funds with public counter guarantee and venture capital funds.
Main expected outputs and results: The aim is to create strategic guidelines for innovative financial tools and instruments of support to SMEs business internationalisation and growth.

The region’s scope: The city of Beja leads the municipalities' community that covers the NUTIII PT181 and PT184. Accordingly, to the recently approved strategic planning options, the regional coordination intervention axis are defined as follows: mobility and transportation; culture, arts and creativity; urban commerce and quality of life; territorial innovation. The proposed project is relevant to the intervention axis A and C.
The BejaGlobal programme objectives are the promotion of economic activity, support to the entrepreneurship, innovation, qualification, investment and competitiveness.

Through these programmes the region is committed with innovation, sustainability and growth as a comprehensive approach aimed at repositioning Beja among the European medium-sized cities, manage a better entrepreneurial environment and create more and better jobs.

The regional development strategy: The cluster-based integrated strategy organised under the scope of BejaGlobal might be considered as a good practice. Regional economic clusters promotion aims to exploit opportunities emerging from recent economic landscape changes – new airport, new dam (largest artificial lake in Europe), new high way, new research facilities, new higher education school and new investments in tourism infrastructures. The BejaGlobal programme integrates the public policies oriented to the entrepreneurship, innovation, investment, competitiveness and employment policies implementation in Beja. Integration of regional public policies includes new partnerships with other municipalities and companies, utilities, new businesses incubators and others. The considered clusters are aeronautics, energy, "new rurality", biotecnology and urban reinvention. In particular, aeronautics considers a partnership with the Airport of Beja. The support to entrepreneurship and incubation is vastly considered.

The aeronautic cluster: The aeronautics’ cluster is seen as promising opportunity for SMEs as Beja is no far from Seville (an important Airbus pole) and Évora (next Embraer plane manufacturing plant in Europe). The aeronautic cluster of Seville interest us a case-study. Strong partnership links are on the way to be developed with Seville and Andaluzia under the scope of forming new Euroregion.