Field visits

Monte Novo e Figueirinha

Sociedade Agrícola do Monte Novo e Figueirinha, has been established since 1998, being its founder Leonel Cameirinha.
Herdade do Monte Novo e Figueirinha is a 300 hectare area of flat and good quality land, around 5 Km from Beja.
The main productions are the vineyard and the olive yard. Grape and olive varieties are carefully selected to reach a high quality wine and olive oil.

The Adega da Figueirinha was built in 2003, and consists in a modern winery with the latest technology, in order to reach an annual production capacity of 800 thousand litres of wine.

In 2006 the company decided also to build Lagar da Figueirinha, producing with a capacity of 8 million tons of olives, leading to a high quality olive oil.


Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

Malhadinha nova is located in Baixo Alentejo and it was created in 1998.

The Malhadinha Nova Winery, combines specific and unique characteristics in order to reach a higher quality of products.
In Malhadinha nova, the traditional treading method combines in a perfect way with technology to take advantage of all the potential of the grapes into the wine.

Being a family business, there has been a long commitment in order to produce high quality products from Alentejo.


Vale da Rosa

Herdade Vale da Rosa works in high-quality table grapes. The main objectives of Herdade Vale da Rosa is to continuously increase and satisfy the demand requests, being aware of the permanent change and development of the market.

Herdade Vale da Rosa has been in the market since 1960. It is known by its innovative process in Portugal of producing grapes with the pergola system.

The company cooperates with countries such as Italy, Israel, Brazil, Chile and the USA. In Portugal, Herdade Vale da Rosa is currently the largest grape producer.