Invest in Alqueva

In 1995 EDIA The Alqueva Development and Infra-structure Company formed was funded by public money with the objective to conceptualize, build and explore Multipurpose project in Alqueva (EFMA). With that purpose in mind, EDIA retook the task of finishing the Alqueva dam in the same year after an interruption of almost two decades, considering it a central element of the whole project.

Till the end of the dam project, EDIA had become the Company that guarantees the construction of infra-structure. Aware of its role in the region, as a strategic partner and with the objective of associating the infra-structures of the Alqueva projects, the company invested in a business perspective in its strategy, contributing this way to the economic and social development in its area of activity, which include a total of 19 municipalities from Alentejo.

In 2001, its area of intervention increased to operate in the public and industrial hydraulic area, specifically in the production of energy and development of irrigation perimeters.

Today, EDIA is known in a national level and across borders, as a solid and strategic company for the establishment of partnerships in many areas of business, including being responsible for the direct concept, construction and exploration of infrastructures that belong to the multipurpose investments of Alqueva, not limiting itself to the region of the investment, but taking into account a consolidation of the project in a national context.

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