What to see?

As part of Congress of European Emerging Regions a number of visits are organised, among which (please check for updates):


Beja is a competitive location for aerospace industries: runway length, space for businesses, location, skilled labour, openness to receive international companies and professionals, weather, investment security, support packages, high quality of life, potential for around-the-clock operation, integration within EU and Eurozone, and moderate costs.

Beja International Airport is a recently developed infrastructure. Formerly a military airbase, the Airport was open to international passengers and cargo in 2011, offering a prime location for aviation services and industries as a main purpose of this development.

Beja International Airport is 130 km southeast Lisbon, 194 km west Seville, 118 km north Faro and 51km South Évora. The runway is 3.450 m long and 60 m wide. A cargo terminal capacity up to 50,000 tons / year is available in this initial phase, together with a 2000 m2 passenger terminal.

The Airport is located in a region likely to bloom in the coming years. A unique combination of new regional assets enables a lively business environment. Appealing entrepreneurial opportunities may emerge from a changing economic landscape – new airport, new dam and the largest artificial lake in Europe, connection to the Atlantic ocean port and industrial areas of Sines, new irrigation areas, new research facilities, higher education schools and new trendy tourism offerings.

Some of the products, services and competences associated to this region are the optimal business environment for aviation industries and services, the recently opened airport with significant space availability for entrepreneurial location, attractive investment and entrepreneurship support packages, prime location underneath the fast growing Euro/Atlantic routes, ideal operation, weather and skilled labour force availability conditions.


The business environment is blooming likely next years. Alqueva changed the economical landscape: more and greener energy, more and cleaner water, more sophisticated tourism, more sustainable agriculture, more creative innovation, more and better jobs, more opportunities for a healthier life style. Boosted by Alqueva, the region’s economical environment sets to bloom: the right environment for new businesses to take root.

Seeding started years ago: the largest artificial lake in Europe built; new R&D facilities were built; a new Airport was set-up; a new irrigation system was developed; energy production was reinforced; agriculture was renewed; environment and biodiversity assets were protected; administrative environment was simplified.

Ambitious territories may benefit from the Alqueva integrated development model. Audacious regional strategies may be built on Alqueva's unique sucess case study. EDIA built Alqueva: EDIA is the unique partner to provide development to your country, region and territory.


The Zils - Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone is the largest area for the location of industrial and logistics units in the Iberian Peninsula. It offers over 2,000 hectares of dedicated space to industrial, logistics and service activities, which currently includes some of the largest national and international companies. In the center of the great maritime global routes, Sines is the Atlantic gate to Europe. We invite you to discover ZILS as a site of excellence for your investment location. Get to know the increasingly competitive and innovative business environment ZILS offers to new entrepreneurial projects: a unique combination of infrastructures and services.