What to discuss?


The following common topics, related to building an enhanced, innovative and attractive business environment in Emerging Regions are suggested:

  • Professional mobility – how professionals mobility between sectors, regions, entrepreneurial environments may operate as a proximity factor for make emerging regions to be more present into the global networks.
  • Technology transfer – how access to technology, solutions, standards and systems may play a key role on enabling business in emerging regions to project themselves on globals value chains.
  • Financial mechanisms – how dedicated, diversified and well-designed financing and funding mechanisms may play a key role on supporting new business launch, development, growth and consolidation, on attracting investment and on creating more and better jobs in emerging regions?
  • Initiative and creativity – how new urban identities, social environments, trends, visions, and communication and organizational paradigms may offer emerging regions renewed opportunities to lead new ideas and host new global businesses.
  • Knowledge and science – How science and knowledge, as starters of new agendas, value chains, disruptive developments and renewed business offers may play a role in providing Emerging Regions with the required baseline for a sustained and sustainable development.
  • Empowerment and learning – How people capability to push their ideas, projects, businesses and cities to a better future can be untapped confirming Emerging Regions ability to succeed.


Emerging Regions compete for resources, ideas, access, innovation, investment, skills, proximity and funding operate as competitiveness drivers. Those, when combined with available infrastrutures, attractive costs and fixed assets, allow specific clusters to develop and define the region’s competitive identity. During the Congress, the following clusters will be debated, namely under the investments opportunities point of view:

  • Aeronautics and aviation;
  • Agriculture and agro industries;
  • Tourism and rurality;
  • Energy and bioenergy;
  • Sustainability, environment and urban quality of life.


The topics will be discussed on basis of oral presentations, case-study round table discussion, ideas forum, field visits and investment opportunities fair or continued networking.

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